G Zádor

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Lipids, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) were determined in 98 women treated with combined oral contraceptives containing ethinylestradiol (EE) and levonorgestrel (NG) in the following combinations: 20/250, 30/250, 30/150, and a so-called three-phase drug. The EE/NG ratios were 0.08, 0.12, 0.20, and 0.35,(More)
A predetermined set of 22 sociodemographic, psychosocial, clinical, neurocognitive and biochemical potential predictor variables was tested in 98 schizophrenic patients admitted for relapse. The patients were treated with neuroleptics, mostly with haloperidol, for 28 d. Ten of the 22 variables correlated significantly with the neuroleptic response. Using(More)
Seventy-five menstruating women seeking contraceptive advice were randomly allocated to treatment with combined oral contraceptives containing either ethinyl estradiol 30 micrograms + levonorgestrel 150 micrograms (30/150), ethinyl estradiol 50 micrograms + levonorgestrel 125 micrograms (50/125) or ethinyl estradiol 50 micrograms + levonorgestrel 250(More)
Eight bilaterally oophorectomized women were given a depot injection of 200 mg DHEA-enanthate to study the effect on endocrine and lipid metabolism. A decrease in sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and an increase in androstenedione was found 14 and 30 days after the injection. No changes could be detected in LH, FSH, oestrone, oestradiol or oestriol.(More)
The differences in the psychopathologic status of 26 complaint and 32 noncomplaint schizophrenic patients were evaluated on the basis of rating scales used at discharge. Noncomplaint patients had significantly higher scores for grandiosity, lack of feeling of illness and insight into it. Their score for global psychopathological state and disturbance in(More)
An oral contraceptive containing 20 micrograms of ethinylestradiol and 250 micrograms of levonorgestrel was given to 5 normally menstruating women for two consecutive cycles. Peripheral serum levels of FSH, LH, estradiol-17 beta and progesterone were determined during the treatment period and during two control cycles, one immediately before, and one(More)
This clinical trial was designed to investigate if maintenance therapy with alfa-interferon could prolong the plateau phase in patients with multiple myeloma. In addition, the tolerability of interferon treatment and its effect on survival were evaluated. From September 1987 to September 1989 a total of 314 patients were accrued to a multi-institutional(More)