G. Yu. Vasilieva

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Consumed NaCl was rationed and integral impedancemetric, psychological, and hormonal studies were performed in six male volunteers 25 to 40 years old before, during, and after an experiment with 105-day isolation and confinement. Every 30 days blood collection for hormonal measurements was combined with filling in Cattell’s 16 personality factor(More)
The purpose of the study was to assess the impact of 105-day isolation on the speech behavior and psychophysiological state of crew members. The NOOJ software was used to determine the frequency of mentioning in written reports the concepts that fall into the “Needs,” “Activity,” “Negativism,” and “Social Regulation” categories. The general well-being,(More)
Six male volunteers (25 to 40 years old) were subjects in integrated psychophysiological, hormonal, and immunological studies before, during, and after 105-day isolation and confinement. Blood was taken and the Cattell’s 16 personality factor questionnaire was filled out every 30 days. Concentrations of blood hormones, neurospecific proteins, and cytokines(More)
Relationships of the T- and B-components of adaptive immunity and the psychophysiological status were studied in 14 volunteers in an experiment with 5-day dry immersion (DI) without countermeasures. The comparison of the frequency of deviations in immunity parameters of psychologically different subjects demonstrated the highest frequency of deviations in(More)
The review discusses the results of studies on adaptive changes in metabolism and its neuroendocrine regulation in humans and animals exposed to spaceflight factors and ground-based simulation of gravitational unloading. The majority of investigations are related to the water–electrolyte and mineral metabolisms, as well as to the protein, lipid, and(More)
The effects of the administration of desmopressin, a synthesized analog of antidiuretic hormone, together with a water-salt supplement on the renal function and orthostatic stability were investigated. Six healthy men spent 12 h in the head-down tilt (HDT) position. It was demonstrated that administration of desmopressin led to normalization of salt and(More)
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