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A class of smoothed point interpolation methods (smoothed PIMs) are introduced in this paper, which are derived from the smoothed Galerkin weak-form for variational formulation based on the gradient smoothing techniques [1]. In the scheme of smoothed PIMs, the strain smoothing operation [2] can be applied on different types of smoothing domains which are(More)
We consider the singular perturbation problem ∆u ǫ = β ǫ (u ǫ), where β ǫ (s) = 1 ǫ β(s ǫ), β is a Lipschitz continuous function such that β > 0 in (0, 1), β ≡ 0 outside (0, 1) and 1 0 β(s) ds = 1 2. We construct an example exhibiting a degenerate singularity as ǫ k ց 0. More precisely, there is a sequence of solutions u ǫ k → u as k → ∞, and there exists x(More)
Backlash which always exists in gear transmission position servo system, would cause dead-zone error, outputting oscillation, limit cycle and deteriorate system control performance. To enhance the control performance of position servo system with backlash, a novel auto-tune model predictive control approach is proposed in this paper. In this approach, an(More)
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