G. Y. Zhang

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A class of smoothed point interpolation methods (smoothed PIMs) are introduced in this paper, which are derived from the smoothed Galerkin weak-form for variational formulation based on the gradient smoothing techniques [1]. In the scheme of smoothed PIMs, the strain smoothing operation [2] can be applied on different types of smoothing domains which are(More)
This article considers inference on correlation coefficients of bivariate log-normal distributions. We developed generalized confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for the correlation coefficient, and extended the results for comparing two independent correlations. Simulation studies show that the suggested methods work well even for small samples. The(More)
In this paper, we develop a fast algorithm for a smoothing spline estimator in multivariate regression. To accomplish this, we employ general concepts associated with roughness penalty methods in conjunction with the theory of radial basis functions and reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces. It is shown that through the use of compactly supported radial basis(More)
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