G. Y. Starodub

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A method to produce (117m)Sn radionuclide using accelerator production route is described. A new method is proposed to separate the (117m)Sn. Specific activities and thick target yield for (116)Cd(α,3n)(117m)Sn reaction at E(α)=35MeV bombarding energy were determined. The estimated production yield of (117m)Sn was 37.5kBq/μAh for 13.16 mg/cm(2) natural(More)
The radionuclides (88)Zr and (89)Zr have been produced by cyclotron irradiation of (nat)SrO with 35 MeV α-particles at a beam current of 15 μA. The thick source production yield of (89)Zr is ~3.1 MBq μA(-1) h(-1). A two-step radiochemical purification utilising anion-exchange chromatography in hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids has been developed to(More)
A new method of 111In separation from a silver target irradiated with 30 MeV alpha-particles is described. The 111In isolation from Ag and Cd is based on its co-precipitation with La(OH)3. The 111In separation from La(III) has been performed by the method of ion-exchange chromatography. A multi-stage purification technique was developed that allows the(More)
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