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In 1985-1987, a field trial of malaria control using deltamethrin impregnated mosquito nets was carried out with 4,450 people in the Buji district, Bao'an County, Guangdong Province, China. The vectors were exophilic Anopheles sinensis (80%) and the endophilic and anthropophilic An. anthropophagus (20%). The first impregnation of the nets was in June 1985(More)
Prostate cancer has a distinctly recognized pattern of metastases: multifocal and osteoblastic lesions involving the axial skeleton and non-calcified lymph nodes in the pelvic and lumbar aortic groups. Most adenocarcinomas are capable of producing macrocalcification. We report a case of prostate cancer with de novo calcified metastases to the liver and(More)
Human blood groups are a significant resource for patients, leading to a fierce international competition in the screening of rare blood groups. Some rare blood group screening programs have been implemented in western countries and Japan, but not particularly in China. Recently, the genetic background of ABO and Rh blood groups for different ethnic groups(More)
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