G. Y. Delisle

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This paper investigates the capacity behavior in an aeronautical MIMO link between a terrestrial transmitting station and an airborne station. The channel model is small-area and considers only the scattering function. For this purpose, two different scenarios are simulated and analyzed. In the first one, only reflected scattered paths are considered and(More)
Wireless network operators are dealing with complex problems when planning network operations, particularly in an underground environment. To permit an acceptable level of automation in the planning process, simulation and optimization tools are being developed on a large scale basis. In this paper, a genetic algorithm is utilized to statistically analyse(More)
This paper presents a class of single-plane microstrip filters that are suitable to achieve high performance and high miniaturization level. A new miniature capacitively loaded resonator is designed and integrated in a compact design, resulting in a filter whose dimensions are less than 30 % of that of conventional parallel coupled-line filters. To analyze(More)
The radar cross section of a target is a complex quantity possessing both an amplitude and a phase. Most of the work done up to the present day restricts itself to discussing the former, the latter being almost completely ignored. Yet it seems reasonable to assume that a study of both the amplitude and phase characteristics would lead to a more complete(More)
An efficient numerical method known as the coupled finite and boundary element method (CFBM) is proposed and developed to treat electromagnetic scattering and waveguide discontinuity problems. The proposed approach is based upon the coupling of the finite element and boundary element methods. The respective merits of these methods are extracted to yield(More)
A new algorithm specifically developed for the localization of totally correlated sources is proposed. This algorithm uses a multidimensional search with many steering vectors, in a space dimension equal to the number of sources. Many computed propagation matrices aim at the verification of quadratic error between two vectors resulting from the partition of(More)
This paper presents an approach to wireless propagation modeling in underground mines involving various connections between wireless Mesh radio network devices located in different sites of such complex environments. The model performance and accuracy is evaluated by comparing several predictions and measurements at 2.4 GHz taken along different routes in(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the parameters which influence the wave propagation between transmitting and receiving antennas located on the same floor of an office building. Using the ray-tracing method, the model considers all the possible paths, namely the direct path, reflections from internal and external walls, diffraction by knife and vertical(More)
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