G. X. Hong

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We present an approach to the optimal fitting of a biarc-spline to a given B-spline curve. The objective is to minimize the area between the original B-spline curve and the fitted curve. Such an objective has obvious practical implications. This approach differs from conventional biarc curve-fitting techniques in two main aspects and has some desirable(More)
A dipstick dye immunoassay (DDIA) was developed to detect immunoglobulin G (IgG) or IgM antibodies of toxoplasmosis infection in humans. The assays employ a blue colloidal dye particles (D-1) conjugated to sheep anti-human IgG and rabbit anti-human IgM as the visualizing agents and a soluble antigen of tachyzoites of Toxoplasma gondii strain RH (TSA) as the(More)
Two kinds of synthetic biomaterial, porous tricalcium phosphate (PTCP) and magnetic porous tricalcium phosphate (MPTCP) ceramic granules were implanted in rat femur. In the period of 4 months, the assessment of serial histological sections, scanning electron microphotographs and quantitative analysis of bone formation in the sections showed that both(More)
The more efficient use of by-product gas has always been a hot issue in the iron and steel making process. The gas generation during production process is stochastic and hard to predict accurately. Specifically, how to regulate the supply of by-product gas from gas holder to power plant in the scheduling period to maximize the total profit of gas(More)
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