G. Winfield Treese

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AudioFile is a portable, device-independent, network-transparent system for computer audio systems. Similar to the X Window System, it provides an abstract audio device interface with a simple network protocol to support a variety of audio hardware and multiple simultaneous clients. AudioFile emphasizes client handling of audio data and permits exact(More)
The Cambridge laboratory became operational in 1988 and is located at One Kendall Square, near MIT. CRL engages in computing research to extend the state of the computing art in areas likely to be important to Digital and its customers in future years. CRL's main focus is applications technology; that is, the creation of knowledge and tools useful for the(More)
Helping users learn the intricacies of UNIX, particularly in a custom environment, is always a challenge. Helping thousands of users in an environment that is distributed both geographically and computationally is especially difficult. Project Athena has developed an ''On-Line Consulting'' system (OLC) that enables users to ask questions of consultants(More)
We describe the rst operational Internet payment switch that provides real-time authorization suitable for direct use by merchant servers. A payment switch is a server that creates digital representations of conventional nancial instruments, and forwards authentic payment orders on these instruments to their corresponding conventional nancial networks and(More)
There is much discussion and debate about how to improve the security and privacy of mobile communication systems, both voice and data. Most proposals attempt to provide incremental improvements to systems that are deployed today. Indeed, only incremental improvements are possible, given the regulatory, technological , economic, and historical structure of(More)
The WorldWide Web has emerged as a primary means of sharing information on the Internet. It is also a powerful platform for building applications and tying together disparate data sources. As the Web has grown, the demand for security services has grown as well. New applications such as electronic commerce, business transactions, and internal information(More)