G. Wesley Rogers

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There is a need for objective evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment of spasmodic torticollis so that comparisons can be made between different therapies. Video tape recordings of patients undergoing surgery for spasmodic torticollis were digitized and the movement of a reference marker was tracked by computer. A graphic presentation of oscillation of(More)
As a first step in determining the efficacy of using computers to assist in diagnosis of medical images, an investigation has been conducted which utilizes the patterns, or textures, in the images. To be of value, any computer scheme must be able to recognize and differentiate the various patterns. An obvious example of this in mammography is the(More)
The working environment is an important determinant of employee well-being. Previous UK studies report registered nurses' perception of the working environment using the Work Environment Scale (WES), but surprisingly few include data for nurses working in mental health or learning disability settings. One hundred and sixty-one (58.8%) registered nurses(More)
This study addressed the effect of breed on estrus length and estrous behavior by observing 20 Holstein-Friesian (HF) and 20 Norwegian Red (NRF) cows on an outdoor wood-chip pad through 1 estrous cycle (22d). Detailed behavioral data were collected by continuous (24 h) video monitoring of all cows. Accurate estimation of duration of estrous periods,(More)
This paper describes an audit study of the effectiveness of breakaway training conducted in a specialist inpatient mental health hospital. Breakaway techniques comprise a set of physical skills to help separate or break away from an aggressor in a safe manner, but do not involve the use of restraint. Staff (n= 147) were assessed on their ability to break(More)
The objectives of this study were to estimate the heritability of body condition score (BCS) with data that could be used to generate genetic evaluations for BCS in the US, and to estimate the relationship among BCS, dairy form and selected type traits. Body condition score and linear type trait records were obtained from Holstein Association USA Inc.(More)
In this paper, we study the tmnsient network behavior of multicast and unicast connections in a differentiated services capable Internet architecture under a major link failure. This is done using the MoMaRS 2.5 simulation tool that we have developed where we have implemented a multicast routing component and priority based scheduling/routing to emulate a(More)
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