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The goal of this study was to determine if an ischemic preconditioning (IPC) protocol improved post–ischemic functional recovery of female mouse hearts. A previous study found that IPC did not occur in hearts from 10–week–old females. We studied Langendorff–perfused hearts from both 10– and 18–week–old mice (males and females). Hearts were subjected to 45(More)
Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is caused by maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The reason why specific embryonic tissues are sensitive toward ethanol is not understood. We found that in neural crest-derived cell (NCC) cultures from the first branchial arch of E10 mouse embryos, incubation with ethanol increases the number of apoptotic cells by(More)
bstract—The mouse retina offers an increasingly valuable odel for vision research given the possibilities for genetic anipulation. Here we assess how the structural properties f mouse retinal ganglion cells relate to the stratification attern of the dendrites of these neurons within the inner lexiform layer. For this purpose, we used 14 morphological(More)
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