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Considered is the distribution of the cross correlation between in-sequences of length 2<sup>2k</sup> -1, where m = 2k, and m-sequences of shorter length 2<sup>k</sup> -1. New pairs of m -sequences with three-valued cross correlation are found and the complete correlation distribution is determined. Finally, we conjecture that there are no more cases with a(More)
The cross-correlation function between m-sequences of period 2<sup>m</sup> - 1, where m = 6k, and m-sequences of shorter period 2<sup>m/2</sup> - 1 is investigated. The first infinite family of pairs of m-sequences with four-valued cross correlation is constructed and the complete correlation distribution of this family is determined.
Endurance capacity and the effects of different post-exercise states on skeletal muscle glycogen have been studied in rats trained by swimming or running and in sedentary controls. Regular endurance exercise resulted in increased skeletal muscle glycogen stores. A greater depletion was observed in trained animals than in non-trained animals after a training(More)
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