G W Gooday

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Candida albicans has three genes encoding chitin synthase enzymes. In wild-type strains, the expression of CHS2 and CHS3 peaked 1-2 h after the induction of hyphal growth, whilst mRNA levels in a non-germinative strain, CA2, remained low under the same conditions. CHS1 gene expression did not peak during germ tube formation but remained at low levels in(More)
Several brominated tyrosine derived compounds, psammaplins A (1), K (2) and L (3) as well as bisaprasin (4) were isolated from the Fijian marine sponge Aplysinella rhax during a bioassay guided isolation protocol. Their structures were determined using NMR and MS techniques. Psammaplin A was found to moderately inhibit chitinase B from Serratia marcescens,(More)
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