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A 55-item Sleep Questionnaire is presented for possible use as a standardized instrument in psychological studies of sleep. A factor analysis of responses from 145 adults to the questionnaire indicated 7 factors accounted for 71.7% of the total variance. These factors are congruent with sleep dimensions discussed in the literature and with other factor(More)
BACKGROUND Concerns have been expressed about the impact that screening for risk of suicide may have on a person's mental health. AIMS To examine whether screening for suicidal ideation among people who attend primary care services and have signs of depression increases the short-term incidence of feeling that life is not worth living. METHOD In a(More)
In 3 healthy male physicians a reduction of dietary fat produced a significant fall in the serum cholesterol concentration. Subsequently, when a diet containing normal quantities of fat but very low in cholesterol was taken, a rise in serum cholesterol concentration occurred in all 3 subjects. W HILE controversy has long prevailed concerning the possibility(More)
THE epithelium of the cervix and upper vagina of the cow and certain other animals produces a mucous secretion in which, according to Woodman & Hammond [1925], may be found a mucoprotein belonging to the class of mucin bodies containing mucoitin sulphuric acid, since they identified glucosamine in a specimen of cervical mucus. The chemical composition of(More)
Native blood from healthy subjects and from some pathological cases showed a fall in viscosity after the first passage through a stainless steel capillary viscometer in 97% of tests. Fortyfive blood samples from 27 active multiple sclerosis patients were tested. Blood from 19 of these patients showed no fall in viscosity.