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The experience described in this paper relates to the implementation on the parallel computer APEmille of a model for large-scale atmosphere motion, originally developed in Fortran for a conventional architecture. The most critical aspects of this work are described: the mapping of a bidimensional problem on the tridimensional thoroidal architecture of the(More)
INTRODUCTION The elderly, who suffer from multiple chronic diseases, represent a substantial proportion of Emergency Department (ED) frequent users, thus contributing to ED overcrowding, although they could benefit from other health care facilities, if those were available. The aim of this study was to evaluate and characterize hospital visits of older(More)
BACKGROUND In the literature on nipple-sparing mastectomy (NSM) with one-stage immediate implant reconstruction, contralateral symmetrisation has drawn little attention, with many surgeons still performing standard cosmetic mammaplasty procedures. However, standard implant-based mammaplasty usually does not result in proper symmetry with the mastectomy(More)
GOALS OF WORK This study aimed to use an integrated system (Medical Care Continuity (MCC) system) consisting of computer, video telephone, and a high-definition camera to monitor at home chemotherapy side effects in cancer outpatients. PATIENTS AND METHODS The system allowed 24 h/day video consultation with an intermediate medical call center with(More)
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