G. Vinayak Rao

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Steady state pool boiling heat transfer coefficients have been obtained experimentally for acetone–isopropanol–water and acetone–MEK (methyl ethyl ketone)–water ternary systems. The data show that, for a given heat flux, the heat transfer coefficients of mixtures are lower than those obtained for pure components constituting the mixture. The measured heat(More)
To clarify controversial structures and phase stability in the Li-B system, we predicted energetically favorable compounds and crystal structures of the Li-B binary system at ambient pressure, mainly including Li6B5, LiB2, and LiB3, from ab initio evolutionary structure simulations and further investigated physical properties of stable Li-B compounds using(More)
To predict all stable compounds in the Ba-C system, we perform a comprehensive study using first-principles variable-composition evolutionary algorithm USPEX. We find that at 0 K the well-known compound BaC2 is metastable in the whole pressure range 0-40 GPa, while intercalated graphite phase BaC6 is stable at 0-19 GPa. A hitherto unknown layered(More)
AgI nanowires/anodic aluminum oxide (AgI NWs/AAO) composites have been fabricated by a simple approach, which involves the thermal melting of AgI powders on the surface of the AAO membrane, followed by the infiltration of the molten AgI inside the nanochannels. As-prepared AgI nanowires have corrugated outer surfaces and are polycrystalline according to(More)
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