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Mobile adhoc network is an emerging standard or wireless communication. Due to the impendence in infrastructure dependencies these networks are rapidly emerging. These networks are since evolving has to develop methodologies for the compatibility of current services in such an environment. Various services compatibilities were studied and methodologies were(More)
In the present era Information Technology plays a crucial role in every fields of human survival. Especially, Digital Image Processing adopted a dominant place in such type of information processing systems. It is also integrated with the Medical Image Processing in the diagnosis of Lung Cancer and other diseases. Now a days Medical image processing has(More)
Image Denoising is one of the existing problems in research area. This paper presents an interactive algorithm for image Denoising and segmentation. This paper explains the task of segmenting any given color image using soft computing techniques. The segmentation techniques used are Fuzzy Clustering (FC), Fuzzy C Means (FCM) clustering and Convolutional(More)
Intracranial epidermoid tumors are benign rare tumors that arise due to dysembryogenesis. Thought rare, they have characteristic radiological features such as their magnetic resonance imaging signal intensities and a typical location. We present a rare case of intracranial epidermoid tumor in a young female patient that was unusually located within the left(More)
We considered the problem of ranking the popularity of items and suggesting popular items based on user feedback. User feedback is obtained by iteratively presenting a set of suggested items, and users selecting items based on their own preferences either the true popularity ranking of items, and suggest true popular items. We consider apriori algorithm(More)
— Monitoring the stability of the software process in the lower level companies is a challenging issue to software engineers. In this paper, SPC is applied to software metrics. Defect Density, Review Performance and Rework percentage and results after applying the SPC to various processes of software are discussed and analyzed, using control charts, the(More)
Image Denoising is a major research topic for many image processing researchers. In some image Denoising algorithms, the user is required to specify the number of smooth image regions to estimate the noise level. In order to overcome this difficulty, we adopt a segmentation-based approach to estimate the noise level from a single image. The image is(More)