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The team performed medical examinations, including cytogenetic examinations, on 55 people working professionally with agrochemicals in eight farmers' cooperatives of County Csongrád in the southern region of Hungary. The people exposed to spraying in a closed space showed no increase in chromosome aberrations. There was an increase in chromosome aberrations(More)
Repeated extensive medical examinations were carried out in 11 workers spraying organophosphate (OP), carbamate and pyrethroid pesticides in greenhouses during the whole year and in 10 control persons. On a questionnaire their social, health and family status and their working conditions were recorded. Before and after a regular spraying period with(More)
Vasopressin is a stress hormone released from the posterior pituitary. In humans suffering from central diabetes insipidus, this release of vasopressin is diminished. It was shown previously that the congenitally vasopressin-deficient Brattleboro homozygous rat is less sensitive to various ulcerogenic stimuli. In this study, we investigated the incidence of(More)
The authors studied potential dermal exposure in 26 men and also conducted epidemiological studies in three southeastern agricultural counties in Hungary covering 189 men working with pesticides in plant protection indoors and in the fields, and in 16 women in contact with these compounds. There were no acute intoxications, nor were there any alterations in(More)
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