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The effect of different organic nitrogen compounds on the production of rifamycin SV by Amycolatopsis mediterranei MV35R and their optimum concentrations have been described. Results obtained indicate that rifamycin SV production increased from 4020 mg l-1 to 4575 mg l-1 when organic nitrogen compound uracil was added at 0.2% (w/v) concentration to the(More)
A dry ashing procedure is developed for the determination of As in organic rich matrices such as wheat flour, lichen and tobacco leaves. The volatility of As during dry ashing is avoided by the addition of palladium nitrate [Pd(NO(3))(2)]. The recovery of both As(III) and As(V) is found to be near quantitative. The residue after dry ashing is dissolved in(More)
The energy storage devices are better in a motor drive system. The power distribution strategy for energy source, and energy storage, electric motor under various operation modes. This paper develops energy storage not implementing harmonic compensation in whole operating condition, also consisting peak power during acceleration absorbing regenerative power(More)
Studies were performed on the production of rifamycin SV, an ansamycin compound, extensively used for curing tuberculosis, leprosy and several other mycobacterial infections, using a strain of Amycolatopsis mediterranei MTCC17 in solid cultures. Wheat bran was employed as a solid substrate. The culture produced 4 g of rifamycin SV/kg of substrate.(More)
Ionosphere plays a prominent role in satellite communications. The spatiotemporal variations of the ionosphere are identified by its Total Electronic Content (TEC) that can be estimated by using dual frequency GPS receiver's observations. To investigate the variability of ionospheric TEC, four slots of data each with two hours duration are considered. Four(More)
A method has been developed for the separation and determination of a set of 11 impurities from chromium matrices using oxalate form of Amberlite IRA 93. Due to slower kinetics of formation of the anionic complex, Cr(III) passed in the effluent while impurities forming strong complexes rapidly are retained on the exchanger. The adsorption of impurities of(More)
The applicability of polyaniline (PANI) for the on-line preconcentration and recovery of palladium from various water samples has been investigated. Batch experiments were performed to optimize conditions such as pH and contact time to achieve quantitative separation of Pd spiked at high (microg ml(-1)) and low levels (ng ml(-1)). During all the steps of(More)
Application with renewable energy sources such as solar cell array, wind turbines, or fuel cells have increased significantly during the past decade. To obtain the clean energy, we are using the hybrid solar-wind power generation .Consumers prefers quality power from suppliers. The quality of power can be measured by using parameters such as voltage sag,(More)
In the image processing scenario the image enhancement takes high importance .Among so many image enhancement techniques the image enhancement is one of the main way. Visual information transmitted in the form of digital images is becoming a major method of communication in the modern age, but the image obtained after transmission is often corrupted with(More)
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