G. Venkateswarlu

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Telemonitoring during the golden hour of patient transportation helps to improve medical care. Presently there are different physiological data acquisition and transmission systems using cellular network and radio communication links. Location monitoring systems and video transmission systems are also commercially available. The emergency patient(More)
The energy storage devices are better in a motor drive system. The power distribution strategy for energy source, and energy storage, electric motor under various operation modes. This paper develops energy storage not implementing harmonic compensation in whole operating condition, also consisting peak power during acceleration absorbing regenerative power(More)
This paper described for computing the generalized cyclic convolution is also applied for the linear convolution by the modified Fermat number transform (FNT) number system. The Code conversion method and butterfly operation are proposed to perform both FNT and its inverse (IFNT) to their final stage in the convolution. The crosswise and vertical(More)
Application with renewable energy sources such as solar cell array, wind turbines, or fuel cells have increased significantly during the past decade. To obtain the clean energy, we are using the hybrid solar-wind power generation .Consumers prefers quality power from suppliers. The quality of power can be measured by using parameters such as voltage sag,(More)
In the image processing scenario the image enhancement takes high importance .Among so many image enhancement techniques the image enhancement is one of the main way. Visual information transmitted in the form of digital images is becoming a major method of communication in the modern age, but the image obtained after transmission is often corrupted with(More)
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