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Traditional time domain techniques of data analysis are often not sufficient to characterize the complex dynamics of respiration. In this paper, the respiratory pattern variability is analyzed using symbolic dynamics. A group of 20 patients on weaning trials from mechanical ventilation are studied at two different pressure support ventilation levels, in(More)
The Simplified Acute Physiology Score III Outcomes Research Group is developing an international multidimensional instrument for the global evaluation of intensive care unit performance. Among its specific objectives are the update of a severity of illness index (Simplified Acute Physiology Score) with a mortality prediction equation, with the hindsight of(More)
A bit-level description of the signal processing stage of an on-board integrated VLSI multi-carrier demodulator is presented in this paper, along with a description of the optimization procedure that has been developed for the signal processing functions<sup>1</sup>. The demultiplexer is capable of handling a varying number of carriers in a 36 MHz bandwidth(More)
The traditional method of calculating equilibrium constants in glacial acetic acid medium was developed by Kolthoff and Bruckenstein in 1957; thenceforth, and even presently, few alternatives have been made available to undertake such studies. This paper presents the results obtained with the use of the program Superquad to assess the equilibrium constants(More)
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