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Because of numerous possible causes involved, it isn't easy for general physicians to identify the precise reason of the psychiatric diseases and to decide the correct treatment. Bayesian networks are recognized as efficient graphical models with significant capabilities for investigating biomedical data either to obtain relationships between variables,(More)
Mouse fetal intestinal progenitors lining the epithelium prior to villogenesis grow as spheroids when cultured ex vivo and express the transmembrane glycoprotein Trop2 as a marker. Here, we report the characterization of Trop2-expressing cells from fetal pre-glandular stomach, growing as immortal undifferentiated spheroids, and their relationship with(More)
  • Massart C, Giusti N, +41 authors Gevenois Pa Multidetector Ct
  • 2014
Reduced z-axis coverage in multidetector-row CT pulmonary angiography decreases radiation dose and diagnostic accuracy of alternative diseases.Identification of Lgr5-independent spheroid-generating progenitors of the mouse fetal intestinal epithelium.B1 controls the columnar distribution of cortical pyramidal neurons by restricting their tangential(More)
In this study, the performances and the movement-related brain macropotentials of a group of adults and 10-year-old children were analyzed to test whether and how they were correlated to the success or failure in the performance. Bereitschaftspotential (BP), motor cortex potential (MCP) and skilled performance positivity (SPP) related to preparation,(More)
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