G. Varaprasad

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SUMMARY Wireless ad hoc networks are growing important because of their mobility, versatility, and ability to work with fewer infrastructures. The mobile ad hoc network is an autonomous system consisting of mobile nodes connected with wireless links. Establishing a path between two nodes is a complex task in wireless networks. It is still more complex in(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are formed by mobile nodes without the support of fixed infrastructure. In the MANET, each node performs as a host as well as host to forward the data packets. The nodes are adjustable based on the local environments. MANETs are used in many situations where temporary network connection is needed. In this paper, investigates(More)
In this paper, we propose an algorithm, which allocates the bandwidth in an effective manner for sensitive applications. The main idea of this work is to allocate more amount of bandwidth for particular client, who has received more votes in the network. The proposed model reduces the wastage of bandwidth and increases the throughput. Nomenclature N=Number(More)
The objective of every sensor node in a sensor network is to send the sensed data in the phenomena to a sink node. The network lifetime is maximal, when the energy consumption of each node is uniform. Many routing protocols select an optimal path to increase the network lifetime in sensor networks. The energy of the nodes along this optimal path is consumed(More)