G. Varaprasad

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Starch, composed of amylose and amylopectin, greatly influences rice cooking and textural quality, which in turn is controlled by various isoforms of several enzymes. Activity of one or more isoforms of starch-synthesizing enzymes results in various forms of starch structure based on the amylopectin chain length and average external, internal and core chain(More)
Bacterial blight (BB) is a major production threat to Basmati, the aromatic rice prized for its unique quality. In order to improve the BB resistance of two elite, traditional BB-susceptible Basmati varieties (Taraori Basmati and Basmati 386), we utilized the strategy of limited marker-assisted backcrossing for introgression of two major BB resistance(More)
This paper presents a source based power-aware reactive routing protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs). It considers Quality of Service (QoS) parameters namely delay, throughput, bandwidth and cost of each link. Recent advances in MANETs have led to many new routing protocols specifically designed for mobile devices. Almost all of these routing(More)
  • G. Varaprasad
  • 2011 International Conference on Communication…
  • 2011
A mobile ad hoc network is collection of mobile nodes. The mobile nodes can move freely from one place to another. In this paper, we propose a new routing algorithm for the mobile ad hoc networks to route the data packets to the destination based on the residual battery capacity and signal strength. The proposed model has simulated with the help of network(More)
As technology rapidly increases, diverse sensing and mobility capabilities have become readily available to devices and, consequently, mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are being deployed to perform a number of important tasks. In MANET, power aware is important challenge issue to improve the communication energy efficiency at individual nodes. We propose(More)
This paper aims at proposing a novel pothole detection system, which assists the driver to avoid potholes on the roads by giving prior warnings. The idea is to build a robot vehicle that is capable of detecting the potholes and transferring this information to the nearby vehicles in the vicinity. By sharing the information about potholes with the nearby(More)
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