G. V. Ravindra

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We prove that for a normal projective variety X in characteristic 0, and a base-point free ample line bundle L on it, the restriction map of divisor class groups Cl(X) → Cl(Y ) is an isomorphism for a general member Y ∈ |L| provided that dimX ≥ 4. This is a generalization of the Grothendieck-Lefschetz theorem, for divisor class groups of singular varieties.(More)
Let X be a normal projective threefold over a field of characteristic zero and |L| be a base-point free, ample linear system on X. Under suitable hypotheses on (X, |L|), we prove that for a very general member Y ∈ |L|, the restriction map on divisor class groups Cl (X)→ Cl (Y ) is an isomorphism. In particular, we are able to recover the classical(More)
Let X be a smooth projective variety over an algebraically closed field k ⊂ C of characteristic zero, and Y ⊂ X a smooth complete intersection. The Weak Lefschetz theorem states that the natural restriction map H(X(C), Q) → H(Y (C), Q) on singular cohomology is an isomorphism for all i < dim(Y ). The Bloch-Beilinson conjectures on the existence of certain(More)
This paper draws out some implications of son targeting fertility behaviour for gender inequality. It is demonstrated that such behaviour has two notable implications at the aggregate level: (a)larger number of siblings for girls (Sibling Effect), and (b)a higher within-family birth order for boys (Birth Order Effect). While the first tends to worsen gender(More)