G. V. Ranga Rao

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Insect pests are a major cause of crop loss globally. Pest management will be effective and efficient if we can predict the occurrence of peak activities of a given pest. Research efforts are going on to understand the pest dynamics by applying analytical and other techniques on pest surveillance data sets. In this study we make an effort to understand pest(More)
Obtaining pharmacologically relevant exposure levels of antibiotics in the epithelial lining fluid (ELF) is of critical importance to ensure optimal treatment of lung infections. Our objectives were to develop a model for the prediction of the ELF-plasma concentration ratio (EPR) of antibiotics based on their chemical structure descriptors (CSDs). EPR data(More)
Baculoviruses were isolated from three major lepidopteran pests, Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera litura and Amsacta albistriga in the semi-arid tropics during natural epizootic conditions at ICRISAT fields, Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh, India. Biological, morphological and biochemical analysis identified these isolates as Nucleopolyhedroviruses (NPVs).(More)
Natural enemies of the groundnut leaf miner,Aproaerema modicella (Deventer), were studied at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) located near Hyderabad in peninsular India. Hymenopterous parasitoids attacking leaf miner larvae were the most important group of natural enemies. Nine primary and eight secondary(More)
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