G. V. Pravotorov

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Changes in the parameters of the volumetric fractions of the principal cytoplasmic organelles of histiocytes in the subcutaneous connective tissue of albino rats were demonstrated during experimental dehydration and starvation. The common response of the histiocytes under these conditions was by hypertrophy of the lysosomal apparatus and infiltration of the(More)
In 45 rats and 120 fetuses the protective effect of food, containing the additives of natural ceolites, on the outcome of pregnancy complicated by an acute experimental endotoxicosis, caused by hyperthermic challenge of the animals, was studied. Using gravimetric, histological, histochemical, electron microscopical methods and monitoring the markers of(More)
Investigations on polymorphism of histiocytes (macrophages) in the rat normal loose connective tissue support the suggestion about a complex composition of these cellular population. Two classes of cells (subpopulations K-1 and K-2) separated by means of multidimension morphometric analysis of ultrastructure are well identified by several morphologic(More)
Yeast polysaccharides (YP) occupy an important place in the rapidly growing group of immunomodulators [4, 6, 8]. YP exert their action by a mechanism of general detoxication [1], their effect being mediated through macrophagal lysosomes, whose function is closely connected with endocytosis. Endocytosis (phagocytosis, humoral and receptor-induced endocytosis(More)
The population of interstitial cells at the base of the renal papilla of the albino ra+ consists of cells of two types which differ in the degree of development of the endoplasmic reticulum. In intact rats, cells with a weakly developed reticulum predominate. Dehydrated animals are characterized by cells with a well-developed reticulum. It is submitted that(More)
Two-thirds of the liver was removed from male Wistar rats weighing 160–200 g. In response to the operation phasic changes occurred in the structure of the lysosomal apparatus in the Kupffer cells. The number of primary lysosomes in the Kupffer cells was increased 2.5 h after partial hepatectomy, and the size and polymorphism of the lysosomes were increased(More)
Male (CBA x C57BI)F1 mice weighing 18-22 g received zymosan intravenously in a dose of 2 mg. After 2 days numerous mononuclear foci could be seen in the liver. Most cells from the infiltrates were strongly acid phosphatase-positive. The slice surface under the infiltrates gradually increased and 5 days after zymosan injection occupied 25% of the total slice(More)
Rat hepatic sinusoidal cells absorption of native high-density lipoproteins was studied by electron microscope. Visualization of the endocytosis process was achieved by binding of lipoprotein particles and colloidal gold. The study was carried out on isolated liver perfusing by oxygenated nutritional media which consist of colloidal gold-lipoproteins(More)