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  • Harsh D. Shivhare, Mohanish P. Upase, Chandrashekhar B. Satfale, Ganesh V. Padole
  • 2015
Origin of the Research/Product Development Problem: Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability in adults and affects approximately 20 million people per year. Five millions remain handicapped and dependent on assistance in daily life. Nearly 30% of all stroke patients are under the age of 60. Other diseases resulting in paralysis at such early age(More)
  • Chandrashekhar W Gandhare, Gaurav V Wanjare, Mohit M Deshpande, Ganesh V Padole
  • 2015
Feature selection is vital in the field of pattern classification due to accuracy and processing time considerations. The selection of proper features is of greater importance when the initial feature set is considerably large. Text classification is unsupervised machine learning method. It needs representation of objects and similarity measure, which(More)
Image enhancement is used to improve the poor quality of an image to make it useful for human and for machine use. This paper suggests two methods for contrast image enhancement to preserve brightness of an image. This method is applied on 2D histogram. In 2D histogram preserving color value is very important part. Local feature enhancement technique is(More)
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