G. V. Novitskaya

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The content and composition of lipids were studied in the seeds of radish plants (Raphanus sativus L. var. radicula D.C., cv. Rosovo-krashyi s belym konchikom) grown from “seed to seed” in 2008 and 2009 in the greenhouse of the Institute of Plant Physiology in a permanent horizontal magnetic field (PMF) of Helmholz coils with the strength of ∼400 A/m, in(More)
Experiments have been performed to evaluate the impact of weak permanent horizontal magnetic field of about 400 A/m on seed formation in the main magnetic orientation types of radish, the north-south (NS) and west-east (WE) types. The results show that external magnetic field exposure retards plant progression through all stages of ontogeny but does not(More)
The lipid composition and content were analyzed in lettuce Lactica sativa L. (variety Stone head) leaves grown in a weak horizontal permanent magnetic field (PMF) produced by Helmholtz coils of 400 A/m strength under controlled conditions of illumination and temperature in phytothrone. Control plants were grown under the same conditions in a geomagnetic(More)
The influence of weak permanent horizontal magnetic field (PMF, field strength ∼400 A/m) on lipid peroxidation was studied with 5-day-old radish (Raphanus sativus L. var. radicula D.C.) seedlings grown in a phytotron at 18–20℃ under illuminance of 1–6 klx and in darkness. Seedlings raised at geomagnetic field (GMF) were used as the reference (control)(More)
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