G. V. Kondakova

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In the present study, the gas-chromatography—mass-spectrometry methods and classic bacteriology were used for investigation of microbiological diversity of underground waters in the Vorotilov deep well (East European platform, at 1500, 1900, 3200, 3800, and 4500 m). Mineralization of underground waters was high, 160–190 g/l. The data on microbial diversity(More)
The presence of viable hydrocarbon-oxidizing microorganisms has been shown in the under-ground waters exposed by the Vorotilovskaya deep well (the Puchezh-Katunki astrobleme, 75 km north of Nizhny Novgorod, 1900- and 3200-m deep) using the method of chromatography-mass spectrometry of specific biomarkers of the microbial cell wall and the classical methods(More)
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