G V Khadzhiev

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Comparative investigations were carried out with local velogenic strains (2 viscerotropic--Haskovo and Bregovo, and neurotropic--Rosa and Toutrakan) and 6 standard strains of the Newcastle disease virus, belonging to various pathogenic groups, in tissue cultures of chick embryo fibroblasts. The four local strains as well as the velogenic one (The. GB) and(More)
Two schemes of vaccination against pseudo-pest (A and B) were tested on broiler-chickens and two schemes (C and D)--on parent form birds. Vaccine of the La Sota strain was used for the broilers and was administered twice at differing age after the spray method. For the parent birds La Sota strain vaccine was used also--twice after the spray method, plus a(More)
The interferon reaction of leucocytes (IRL) in the newborns and their mothers were examined in vitro. The ability of leucocytes, obtained from the blood of the umbilical cord of newborns, to synthesize interferon was established in 48.78% of the investigated newborns while in their mothers the relative part was 70.73%. The mean geometrical titre of the(More)
The mean death time in a cloacal test (MDT/CT) was employed to define the pathogenic type of isolates of the Newcastle Disease virus (NDV) with 5-week-old birds. The results were compared with the use of standard methods for typing--the mean death time with 10-day-old chick embryos as defined by the minimal lethal dose (MDT/MLD), the intracerebral(More)
Studied was the immunization pattern against Newcastle disease in birds with the use of a spray method on broilers obtained congenitally from their mothers, having antihemagglutinins. All birds on one of the premises ( a total of 14, 000) were vaccinated when 5 days old with a liquid vaccine of strain B1 (one fourth dose per bird) using the Dutch(More)