G. V. K. Sharma

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Modern radar systems employ multiple transmit antennas on transmit and multiple receive antennas on receive to improve many aspects of the system performance including improved target detection performance, improved angle estimation accuracy, decreased minimum detectable velocity. However these advantages are obtained only when orthogonal probing waveforms(More)
Pulse compression is a technique that plays an important role in various fields like radar, sonar and spread spectrum communication to achieve the high transmit energy of a long pulse while preserving the range resolution of a short pulse. In this paper a new method of design of mismatched filter to minimize the Peak sidelobe ratio (PSLR) in the pulse(More)
Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) radars transmit partially coherent or noncoherent waveforms for improving spatial resolution or spatial diversity. While waveform design for SIMO radars concentrate on improving the delay and Doppler resolution characteristics, waveform design for MIMO radars involve optimization of delay, Doppler and spatial resolution(More)
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