G. V. Bulava

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The paper presents the clinical and anatomic data of combination treatment for acute myocardial infarction, by stenting the infarct-related artery, followed by cardiac transplantation, which have provided the optimal result of surgery and caused no severe rejection reaction. The immediate causes of death have been infectious complications (cytomegalovirus(More)
The data presented in this work indicate that specific antisera to P. aeruginosa and Proteus antigens can be produced by using extracts from these microorganisms, destroyed by ultrasonic treatment or by multiple freezing and thawing, for the immunization of rabbits. Blood serum samples from patients with purulent septic complications were studied for the(More)
Two test systems, based on the inhibition of the reaction of enzyme-labeled antibodies and on the indirect reaction of enzyme-labeled antibodies, have been developed with a view to diagnosing purulent and septic complications caused by P. aeruginosa and Proteus in accordance with the results of the determination of the corresponding microbial antigens and(More)
The comparative analysis of 56 immunograms of patients with mediastinitis, caused by the esophagus trauma is represented. The mean values of 9 immunologic parameteres (the so called "norm of the pathology") were set for patients with noncomplicated mediastinitis. A novel method of the immune status evaluation for the patients with the acute surgical(More)
Sickness and Malignant Growth [in Russian], Moscow (1975). 4. K. S. Hayes, Invest. Ophthalmol., 13, 499 (1974). 5. V. E. Kagan, G. V. Barybina, and K. N. Novikov, Byull. Eksp. Biol. Med.~ No. 4~ 411 <1977). 6. W. Z. Stone, M. L. Katz, H. Lure, et al., Photochem. Photobiol.~ 29, 725 (1979). 7. A.A. Shvedova, A. Sidorov, K. N. Novikov, et al., Vision Res.,(More)
Immune system (IS) was studied in 228 wounded with penetrating knife and shotgun wounds of the thorax and abdomen complicated by hemorrhage more than 1000 ml. Six variants of IS reaction to trauma, hemorrhage, surgical stress and intensive therapy 1-2 days after surgery were registered. Comparative analysis of laboratory and clinical efficacy of(More)
The results of treatment of 131 victims with penetrating wounds of the thorax complicated by profuse bleeding, are presented. 36 of them after surgery to prevent pyogenous complications received 5 injections of leukinferon (test group); 95 patients who were not treated by leukinferon made up control group comparable with the test group by sex, age and(More)
The mechanisms of action of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) in toxic hypoxic encephalopathy (THE) were studied using clinical psychopathological examinations, functional and laboratory tests in 268 patients with THE treated by a therapeutic complex including HBO and 75 patients with THE treated routinely (controls). The earliest possible addition of HBO to a(More)
The paper presents the results of a study of immunological parameters in the indigenous adult population of an endemic area of Guinea in tropical malaria of varying severity and the time course of changes in these parameters in different phases of the disease during delagil treatment. Examination of 101 patients has established that tropical malaria in(More)
As early as the first 24 hours since a severe isolated locomotor trauma the patients were immunized with Proteus vaccine. Such vaccination is shown to stimulate the production of serum specific antibodies, to reduce contamination of the wound with gram-negative agents, to shorten hospital stay and healing of the wound versus subjects vaccinated with(More)