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We have previously shown that a DNA-binding factor specific to adult hematopoietic cells (polypryrimidine-binding factor, PYBF) binds to a pyrimidine-rich region 1 kb upstream from the human delta-globin-encoding gene (HBD). The developmental stage-specificity of PYBF and the location of its binding site between the fetal and adult beta-globin (HBB)-like(More)
The multiple drug resistance (MDR) gene P-glycoprotein product is a transmembrane efflux pump that prevents toxicity of a variety of chemotherapeutic agents, including the anthracyclines, Vinca alkaloids, podophyllins, and taxol. The bone marrow toxicity of these drugs is due to the low or absent expression of MDR in marrow cells. Transfer and expression of(More)
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