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In 57 patients with recurrent tachycardiac attacks in whom the empiric medical drug treatment failed to prevent the attacks electrophysiological examination was carried out in order to specify the type of the tachycardia. This was followed up by a serial testing of drugs. In 41 patients an antiarrhythmic drug (or a combination of drugs) was found which(More)
The therapeutic effect of obsidan (25 to 250 mg/24 h), cordanum (75 to 300 mg/24 h), nitropenton (30 mg/24 h), combination of obsidan with nitropenton, prenylamin (180 mg/24 h), stenopril (180 mg/24 h), cordaron (600 mg/24h) and corvaton (4 mg/24 h) was studied according to clinical asessment in 127 patients with stenocardia and in 44 of them by loading(More)
Intracardial electrophysiological examination was conducted in 50 patients with suspicious or confirmed data about disturbed function of sinus node--namely: short-term auricular stimulation for determination of sinoatrial time (SAT) and long-term auricular stimulation with increasing frequency with analysis of the phenomena in the post-stimulation(More)
The potentials of His bundle were recorded in 25, out of 105 patients with intracardial electrophysiological examination, carried out. The standard electrocardiographic devices were used, being reconstructed for the purpose. The patients with AV block, stage I and partial AV block, Wenckebach type manifested blocking (slow down) above His bundle. The(More)
The electrocardiographic criteria for left-ventricular loading were studied in patients with non-complicated arterial hypertension and were juxtaposed to the basic hemodynamic indices, determined via radio-isotope method--quantitative radiocardiography. Regular changes in the hemodynamics and electrocardiographic criteria were found, in the initial phases(More)