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Estrogen and dihydrotestosterone receptors were detected by agar gel electrophoresis in 224 human mammary tumor biopsies. Approximately half of the tumor specimens revealed measurable amounts of estradiol receptors, whereas only 20% contained dihydrotestosterone receptors. The average concentration of spare estrogetmenopausal than in the premenopausal(More)
A study of the subcellular distribution of radioactivity in rat uterus after injection of labelled corticosterone showed that the radioactivity was observed in all fractions from 5 min. to 120 min. A maximum uptake was observed 10 min. after application of the labelled steroid. Competitive uptake of radioactive progesterone and unlabelled corticosterone was(More)
After injection of radioactively labelled cortisol, the distribution of the radioactivity in the subcellular fractions of the rat uterus (nuclei, mitochondria, microsomes and 105 000 X g supernatant) was studied. In all fractions, radioactivity was observed and maxima were found 10, 20 and 50 min. after injection of the labelled hormone. Radioactivity was(More)
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