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Part of the beta-globin genes of Macaca cynomolgus and Gorilla gorilla has been cloned and sequenced. Ten putatively neutral nucleotide polymorphisms have been described at the beta-globin locus in humans. They are associated in seven combinations, which define seven different haplotypes of the beta-globin gene: four major frameworks--1, 2, 3, and 3--and(More)
A 5600-base-pair (bp) fragment including the beta-globin gene and about 4000 bp of its 5' flanking sequence was cloned from the DNA of Macaca cynomolgus (an Old World monkey), and the 5' flanking region was sequenced. Comparison with human, chimpanzee, mouse, rabbit, and Xenopus orthologous sequences reveals a tandemly repeated sequence called RS4 at the(More)
We present the nucleotide sequence of a new Alu family member that lies between the delta- and beta-globin genes in gorilla DNA. The sequence exhibits 91% similarity with a consensus sequence of the Alu family. It is flanked by a perfect repetition of a 16-nucleotide target sequence and terminates with 24 adenylic residues. As this sequence is absent at(More)
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