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In the present study, the radiological impact assessment in three selected areas of elevated natural radioactivity in Greece is attempted, based on measurements, theoretical relations, and simple model application. These areas are Milos--an island of volcanic origin in Cyclades Archipelago, Ikaria--an island in the Eastern Aegean Sea and Loutraki--a coastal(More)
A radiological survey has been carried out in the island of Ikaria based on the natural radionuclide inventory in abiotic environment and the consequent dose rate assessment for the critical groups of population. The island of Ikaria-Aegean Sea, Greece is characterised by the presence of mineral and thermo-mineral springs, which have an apparent influence(More)
In the present study, an effort is attempted to record the impact of chronic radiation on natural aquatic populations exposed to protracted doses (lower if compared to intervention levels but higher if compared to typical background) and to chemical pollution. The methodology is based on the analyses of chromosome aberrations observed in cells. Therefore,(More)
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