G. Thummes

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Due to their intrinsic low mechanical vibration level both, Joule-Thomson refrigerator and Pulse-Tube refrigerator are promising candidates for low noise cooling of high-T/sub c/ SQUIDs. We report here on a test comparing the performance of a commercial Joule-Thomson cooler and a single stage Pulse-Tube cooler used to operate one and the same HT rf SQUID(More)
A conductively cooled superconducting Nb/sub 3/Sn magnet system has been designed and tested that employs a two-stage 4 K pulse tube cooler. The Nb/sub 3/Sn coil has a clear bore of 11 mm and a mass of 2.6 kg. High-T/sub c/ current leads are used to reduce the heat leak to the 4 K stage. After a cooling time of about six hours the 2nd stage and the magnet(More)
High-power Stirling-type pulse tube coolers (HSPTCs) driven by oil-free linear compressors are promising candidates for cooling HTS devices for the advantages of simple configuration, low noise and stable operation. Three U-shaped two-stage pulse tube coolers driven by a 10 kW linear compressor were built and studied. The effects of flow inhomogeneity on(More)
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