G. Thomas Budd

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The use of supplements during chemotherapy is controversial, partly due to the potential effect of antioxidants on reduced efficacy of chemotherapy-related cytotoxicity. We examined supplement use among breast cancer patients registered to a clinical trial (SWOG 0221) before diagnosis and during treatment. Patients (n = 1,467) completed questionnaires(More)
Segmental duplications (low-copy repeats) are the recently duplicated genomic segments in the human genome that display nearly identical (> 90%) sequences and account for about 5% of euchromatic regions. In germline, duplicated segments mediate nonallelic homologous recombination and thus cause both non-disease-causing copy-number variants and genomic(More)
Recently published clinical trial data have produced compelling evidence for increased survival when Herceptin is administered to patients whose tumors are HER2 amplified. Therefore, the accuracy of HER2 status is essential to determine which patients should or should not receive Herceptin. Although HER2 results obtained by FISH and IHC are often in(More)
Subcutaneous implantable venous access devices (IVADs) are commonly used in oncology practice. They facilitate the administration of chemotherapy, fluids and blood products. The incidence of IVAD-related complications is not uncommon, and includes infection, thrombosis and bleeding. IVAD erosion through the skin has been reported secondary to infection or(More)
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