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Ambulatory patients with hemiparesis were given auditory feedback of weight bearing on the involved leg in order to achieve symmetrical standing. A device for augmented sensory feedback, the Limb Load Monitor, was used for the training. Patients who could correct their limb loading pattern during the first treatment session learned to achieve symmetrical(More)
These experiments describe electromyographic activity and forces developed during step-down from several heights. The external environment of the experimental subjects was varied by blindfold or Achilles' tendon vibration during descent. EMG activity of the step-down limb, vertical force of impact and knee angle were measured. The results show that the(More)
Based on records of 81 patients who used the LLM, and on questionnaire answers and comments from clinicians, the following can be concluded: 1. The LLM can be operated easily after a minimum of training. It does not break down with extended clinical use when handled properly. 2. The LLM manual provides sufficient information for proper operation and(More)
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