G T Sue-A-Quan

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. The transfusion requirements of 2233 patients who underwent total hip or knee joint arthroplasty procedures at nine Canadian hospitals during 1995-1996 were evaluated. Although 64% of patients were eligible for participation in an autologous blood donation (ABD) programme, only 8% predonated blood. Patients who were eligible for ABD were younger (62 years(More)
Stimulation of salivary secretion is associated with a rise of [Ca2+]i in acinar cells. We examined the osmotic and ionic consequences of activation of Ca(2+)-dependent K+ and Cl- channels, by simultaneous optical determinations of cell volume and [Ca2+]i, [Cl-]i or [Na+]i during muscarinic stimulation of single salivary acinar cells, using a differential(More)
In an adult organism three principal types of muscle tissue can be found: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac. While each display subtle differences, for the most part they express a common set of genes that are representative of differentiated muscle. Several in vitro muscle cell lines have provided clues as to how the developmental programs of muscle cell(More)
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