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Participants' eye movements were recorded as they inspected a semi-realistic visual scene showing a boy, a cake, and various distractor objects. Whilst viewing this scene, they heard sentences such as 'the boy will move the cake' or 'the boy will eat the cake'. The cake was the only edible object portrayed in the scene. In each of two experiments, the onset(More)
Participants can transfer grammatical knowledge acquired implicitly in 1 vocabulary to new sequences instantiated in both the same and a novel vocabulary. Two principal theories have been advanced to account for these effects. One suggests that sequential dependencies form the basis for cross-domain transfer (e.g., Z. Dienes, G. T. M. Altmann, & S. J. Gao,(More)
In 12 primiparae who--on term--did not have spontaneous contractions but a Bishop score greater than 7, Rheobase was measured and there after labour induced by amniotomy. A second evaluation of Rheobase followed one hour after amniotomy. Results show that one hour after rupturing the membranes the Rheobase values decreased significantly (p less than 0,01).(More)
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