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The studies have ascertained that a poor microclimatic regime arises at neonatal units under hot climatic conditions of Uzbekistan. Examining some heat regulatory reactions in neonatal infants and their behavior has provided the optimal and boundary microclimatic parameters. In summer, the air temperature of 27-28 degrees C should be optimal to units and(More)
The morphofunctional state of the respiratory system was studied in 2104 male Uzbeks aged 18-27 years from rural and urban areas. The chest circumference, frontal and sagittal diameters, respiratory excursion and vital capacity, breath holding were found to be higher in the rural males in almost all age groups than in the urban ones, suggesting that the(More)
The time course of changes in the time of a simple visuaI motor reaction, force and lability of the nervous system, stability of attention and memory was studied in 2104 urban and rural males aged 18-27 years to develop standard phychophysiological status rating tables. It was shown that the score of the central nervous system should be used to detect some(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate prevalence and types of urinary incontinence (UI) among women living in the South Priaralye region, and to analyze risk factors associated with UI. MATERIALS AND METHODS The population-based study was conducted by nested-typological method. Analysis was carried out on the data of 1487 women collected by a standard ICIQ-SF(More)
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