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We h a v e developed a low noise, low p o w er charge sensitive ampliier and pulse shaping circuit. Our application is for a double-sided germanium strip detector, nominally providing 50 independent spectroscopy c hannels. An array of these detectors would provide signiicant improvements in imaging, spectroscopy, and sensitivity for space-based gamma-ray(More)
RATIONALE (-)Nicotine produces antinociceptive effects in rodents. meta-Chlorophenylguanidine (MD-354), an analgesia-enhancing agent, binds at 5-HT(3) and alpha(2)-adrenoceptors and potentiates the antinociceptive effects of an "inactive" dose of clonidine. The present study examined the actions of MD-354 on (-)nicotine-induced antinociception. MATERIALS(More)
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