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Text clustering is an unsupervised process forming its basis solely on finding the similarity relationship between documents with the output as a set of clusters [14]. In this research, a commonality measure is defined to find commonality between two text files which is used as a similarity measure. The main idea is to apply any existing frequent item(More)
— The fundamental unit of large scale software construction is the component. A component is the fundamental user interface object in Java. Everything you see on the display in a java application is a component. The ability to let users drag a component from the Interface and drop into your application is almost a requirement of a modern, commercial user(More)
—Intelligent data mining is to use the intelligent search to discover information within data warehouses those queries and reports cannot effectively reveal and to find the patterns in the data and infer rules from them, and use these patterns and rules to guide for decision making and forecasting. Therefore the Intelligent data mining incorporates(More)
VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology-have an existing network of outdated equipment purchased on an as-needed basis with limited planning and support. A portion of the outdated equipment was reaching end-of-life (EOL). The network was unmanaged & a lot of its equipment was outdated and underperforming, however, the college's rapid(More)
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