G Suren Arul

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AIM The ultrasound-guided percutaneous technique of Hickman line insertion has not been widely adopted in pediatric surgical practice. We wished to review our own experience of using this technique for insertion into the internal jugular vein. METHODS Our vascular access team consists of a consultant surgeon and 2 consultant anesthetists. All procedures(More)
BACKGROUND There is a debate regarding the management of ovarian immature teratomas (ITs). In adult women, postoperative chemotherapy is standard except for stage I, grade 1 disease, whereas surgery alone is standard in pediatric patients. To determine the role of chemotherapy, a pooled analysis of pediatric and adult clinical trials was conducted. (More)
INTRODUCTION International humanitarian law requires emergency medical support for both military personnel and civilians, including children. Here we present a detailed review of paediatric admissions with the pattern of injury and the resources they consume. METHODS All paediatric admissions to the hospital at Camp Bastion between 1 January and 29 April(More)
BACKGROUND The deployed Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) in the British military field hospital in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, admits both adults and children. The purpose of this paper is to review the paediatric workload in the deployed ITU and to describe how the unit copes with the challenge of looking after critically injured and ill children. METHODS(More)
We report a case of a neonate presenting with the rare vascular tumor, Kaposiform hemangioendothelioma. She had a lesion arising from the left ovary with multiple intraperitoneal metastases causing small bowel obstruction. We managed this case with primary surgical resection followed by laparoscopic surveillance of the peritoneal cavity and metastectomy.(More)
oximetry 85% for 30 s or longer) in 67 children with a higher incidence by a factor of 2 in those whose anesthesiologist did not have the oximeter data available. These studies suggested that the oximeter allowed early recognition and intervention, thus preventing a minor desaturation event from progressing to a major desaturation event. We also found a(More)
BACKGROUND Traumatic paediatric handlebar injury (HBI) is known to occur with different vehicles, affect different body regions, and have substantial associated morbidity. However, previous handlebar injury research has focused on the specific combination of abdominal injury and bicycle riding. Our aim was to fully describe the epidemiology and resultant(More)
We report a case of coeliac axis thrombosis and splenic infarction presenting in a girl of 14 years who had been on the oral contraceptive pill (OCP), Marvelon (ethinyloestradiol 30 μg plus desogestrel 150 μg, Organon, Cambridge, UK), for 3 weeks. She had no other risk factors for thrombo-embolism. Diagnosis was made with duplex Doppler ultrasound and(More)