G. Sunitha Manjari

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VirGen is a comprehensive viral genome resource that organizes the 'sequence space' of viral genomes in a structured fashion. It has been developed with the objective of serving as an annotated and curated database comprising complete genome sequences of viruses, value-added derived data and data mining tools. The current release (v1.1) contains 559(More)
Mumps is an acute infectious disease caused by mumps virus, a member of the family Paramyxoviridae. With the implementation of vaccination programs, mumps infection is under control. However, due to resurgence of mumps epidemics, there is a renewed interest in understanding the antigenic diversity of mumps virus. Hemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) is the(More)
Whole genome sequence data is a step towards generating the 'parts list' of life to understand the underlying principles of Biocomplexity. Genome sequencing initiatives of human and model organisms are targeted efforts towards understanding principles of evolution with an application envisaged to improve human health. These efforts culminated in the(More)
OBJECTIVES To study correlation between ovarian reserve with biophysical markers (antral follicle count and ovarian volume) and biochemical markers (S. FSH, S. Inhibin B, and S. AMH) and use these markers to predict poor ovarian response to ovarian induction. METHODS This is a prospective observational study. One hundred infertile women attending the Obst(More)
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