G. Sujatha

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Activation of P2X7 receptor (P2X7R) and pannexin have been implicated in membrane permeabilization associated with ischemic cell death and many other inflammatory processes. P2X7R has a unique property of forming large pore upon repeated or prolonged application of agonist like ATP or 2′, 3′-(4-benzoyl) benzoyl ATP. It has been proposed that pannexin 1(More)
In dynamic topology of the MANET's nodes are having the high mobility in nature. Because of the dynamic nature of nodes very difficult to find the exact location of node in network for data delivery. Here we proposed that to find the exact location of node and ensure the data delivery to destination. In existing system, the location aided routing mechanism(More)
The current web IR system retrieves relevant information only based on the keywords which is inadequate for that vast amount of data. It provides limited capabilities to capture the concepts of the user needs and the relation between the keywords. These limitations lead to the idea of the user conceptual search which includes concepts and meanings. This(More)
Multiple impacted permanent teeth are usually related to syndromes, metabolic and hormonal disorders. However, in some cases, impaction of multiple teeth is not associated with any syndrome. In this report, we present a case of 17-year-old male patient with missing teeth. Radiographs revealed multiple impacted permanent teeth, though medical and family(More)
Hemangiomas are developmental vascular abnormalities and more than 50% of these lesions occur in the head and neck region, with the lips, tongue, buccal mucosa, and palate most commonly involved. They are considered as hamartomas rather than true neoplasms. Here we report a case of hemangioma of the body of the tongue, discussing the diagnostic aspects and(More)
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a digital computer for automation of process such as control of instruments in industries. It uses a programmable memory to store instructions and specific functions that include ON/OFF control, timing, counting, sequencing, arithmetic, and data handling. The basic parts include processor, input/output devices, memory(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) is to connect objects of different application fields, functionality and technology. These objects are entirely addressable and use standard communication protocol. Intelligent agents are used to integrate Internet of Things with heterogeneous low-power embedded resource-constrained networked devices. This paper discusses with the(More)
Tracheal papillary adenoma is a rare benign tumor. We report a case of papillary adenoma in a 62-year-old male smoker who presented with recurrent hemoptysis. The tumor was located in the upper third of trachea and forceps biopsy through flexible bronchoscopy was uncomplicated and diagnostic.
Petroleum diesel is a complex mixture of liquid hydrocarbons and mainly used as fuel in transport vehicles. The practice of manual siphoning of diesel from fuel tanks is common in developing countries but hydrocarbon pneumonitis due to diesel siphonage is rarely reported. We report pneumonitis following diesel fuel siphonage in a 30-year-old driver.(More)