G. Sudhakar

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are gaining recognition in developing countries like India. This paper describes the various components of our prototype implementation of a Real-time Passenger Information System (RTPIS) for a public transport system like a fleet of buses. Vehicle-mounted units, bus station units and a server located at the(More)
As the energy demand and the environmental problems increase, the natural energy sources have become very important as an alternative to the conventional energy sources. Due to the capability of PV cells converting light directly to electricity has stimulated new research areas on PV cells so that the PV array applications have emerged as a solution to the(More)
The classification of digital modulation schemes plays an important role in communication intelligence (COMINT) and other related applications. The existing algorithms for modulation classification consider a semi-blind scenario, where certain signal parameters are assumed to be known. The pre-processing accuracy of signal parameters like the symbol rate,(More)
— Cloud elasticity allows dynamic resource provisioning in concert with actual application demands. Self Tuning fuzzy control has been applied with success to resource allocation. However, cloud dynamics make the design of the accurate and stable resource controller challenging, especially when client request increased gradually. To address these(More)
Cloud security is one of most important issues that have attracted a lot of research and development effort in past few years. Particularly, attackers can explore vulnerabilities of a cloud system and compromise virtual machines to deploy further large-scale Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS). DDoS attacks usually involve early stage actions such as multi(More)
  • R Keerthika, G Sudhakar, Nithiyanandam, M E Cse
  • 2014
We propose a simple and avoidable effective lossless video compression technique due to large amount of storage space or high bandwidth for communication in its original form. The key idea here is to reduce its size without affecting the eventual information of it. Our approach work as follows, classifying the video frames into pixels, then we employ the(More)
Dissertation TCP Adaptation Framework in Data Centers. TCP is used in a wide range of networks as the de facto congestion control mechanism. Despite its common usage, TCP operates in these networks with little knowledge of the underlying network or traffic characteristics. In light of the emerging popularity of centrally controlled Software-Defined Networks(More)
Collaborative software development has been around as it has been made possible with groupware software. In such scenario, it is important to have coordination and planning among the team members involved in collaborative work.In such development tasks are divided into work items while sharing and tracking the work done. Exploration of tagging for resolving(More)