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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the causative agent of end-stage liver disease. Recent advances in the last decade in anti HCV treatment strategies have dramatically increased the viral clearance rate. However, several limitations are still associated, which warrant a great need of novel, safe and selective drugs against HCV infection. Towards this objective, we(More)
Interaction of non-structural protein 5A (NS5A) of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) with human kinases namely, casein kinase 1α (ck1α) and protein kinase R (PKR) have different functional implications such as regulation of viral replication and evasion of interferon induced immune response respectively. Understanding the structural and molecular basis of(More)
Advancements in technology enhances not only human comforts but also damages the environment. Use of steel fibre has become popular and safe now. Today the construction industry is in need of finding cost effective materials for increasing the strength of concrete structures. Hence an attempt has been made in the present investigations to study the(More)
This paper presents implementation of algorithms developed for fault classification and location detection on transmission lines with data from current & voltage sensors. Rogowski coil as current sensor is gaining importance due to its linearity and wide band width. A lumped parameter model of Rogowski coil is developed and integrated with a power system(More)
The " International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences " (IJPBS) is an international journal in English published quarterly. The aim of IJPBS is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles rapidly without delay in the developing field of pharmaceutical and biological sciences ABSTRACT Adolescents in India represent over 1/5 th (22.3%) of the total(More)
The synchrony of ovulation was examined in superstimulated heifers that had a downregulated pituitary gland and which were induced to ovulate by injection of exogenous LH. The pituitary was downregulated and desensitized to GnRH by treatment with the GnRH agonist deslorelin. Nulliparous heifers (3.5 yr old) at random stages of the estrous cycle were(More)
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