G. Subrahmanya V. R. K. Rao

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This paper introduces the concept entitled ‘Pervasive Cloud’ which is meant for ‘Accessing the Power of a Cloud through Pervasive Access of Mobile Communications’. ‘Dhatri’ is a Pervasive Cloud Based Healthcare Application targeted towards Healthcare needs specifically for Rural and Deep Rural Areas. Dhatri(More)
Cloud service providers, monitor average resource (for e.g. CPU) consumption and based on predefined limits (for e.g. CPU-Idle-time > 500 milliseconds), provision or de-provision resources. Traditionally this is a reactive approach and doesn't fully address the wide range of enterprise use cases. Implementation of predictive approach to resource(More)
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major cause of death among humans. Rehabilitation after survival from a CVD is a long term process that includes frequent hospital visits, which could be avoided by the use of Hridaya on personal digital assistant (PDA) and mobile phones. These devices along with Hridaya could be used by the patients to report about their(More)
Retail transactional databases are voluminous and traditional algorithmic approaches to mine pattern in them are time consuming. The current study presents an approach to scale Apriori a Frequent Item set Mining (FIM) algorithm, which is often used for market basket analysis. The study also compares the performance of scaled version of the algorithm(More)
Green IT service aim at reducing carbon footprints in workplace and hence save cost using technologies that are sustainable. The current work presents an intelligent Green IT management technique through the system profiling and application of Machine Learning techniques towards generating the system usage patterns. A batch program was developed to control(More)
Fault diagnosis is a vital problem in process engineering. It is the fundamental component of anomalous event management (AEM) which has attracted a lot of attention over recent years. AEM deals with the timely detection, diagnosis and correction of abnormal conditions of faults in a process. Early detection and diagnosis of process faults while the plant(More)
The paper presents the application of Machine Learning techniques towards addressing one of the most pressing issues of the business/industry i.e., Fraud Detection. The multiple algorithms made available through ClaimPerfect empower a decision maker towards a better and dependable decisions relating to claims and their processing by quickly identifying(More)
CGLive is a real time energy monitoring software tool that could be used to monitor and reduce energy consumption of PC's in a enterprise network environment. Working of CGLive has been tested in a lab environment and was found to be successful. Dashboard of CGLive can show current status of a work station, energy consumed by it and also the Process which(More)
Dyslipidemias are one of the common metabolic disorders. A link between dermatological disorders like psoriasis and dyslipidemia has been established in the recent past. Many dermatological disorders could have a systemic inflammatory component which explains such association. Chronic inflammatory dermatological disorders could also have other metabolic(More)